summer reading

Got a little extra time?  Looking for a story?  Take a look at “Of Essence” in Pages.  The first bit is ready for you!

One thought on “summer reading

  1. and that “expat” lady is a full sister to me, only two years older? I guess our parents were saving up all the self-promotion genes for me, because I can’t seem NOT to do that. Well, “passion promotion” rather than self-promotion might be more accurate for Anna’s younger sister in north-central Montana, USA. Annie, since words are a passion of yours – thanks for teaching me how to read and write before I got to Kindergarten, my early teachers liked my exuberance SO much (!), promoting the weaving and braiding and spinning of thoughts through language(s) is something that you enjoy, and telling others about the word-weavings should be easy and fun.


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